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Stone House at San Ysidro Ranch

900 San Ysidro Ln, Montecito, CA 93108



Located in the exclusive hills of Montecito is the San Ysidro Ranch !!! This ranch is found in one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods in California. It truly is a hidden gem. Driving through the Montecito hills was certainly breathtaking from the beautiful flowers and bushes to the mediterranean style mansions. As soon as we arrived at the restaurant located inside of the ranch, we were welcomed and seated right away. We ate at Stonehouse, but they also have another restaurant called Plow and Angel. I would recommend making reservations and requesting to be seated outside if the weather allows :) The waiters were very nice and helpful when it came to choosing what to eat. Once we placed our orders, our drinks came out within minutes and all the dishes were brought out in a timely manner, from the appetizers all the way to dessert. We give Stonehouse at the San Ysidro Ranch, a five out of 5 stars!

^ Exterior

When you walk in through the entrance, you can see gardens filled with flowers and vegetables. There are rose gardens, and flowering climbers surrounding the building’s doorways. It is very charming like a picturesque european village. In the patio the trees are filled with tiny twinkle lights that are very cute. There is even a guitarist that sings

throughout the night. If you come to the restaurant to eat, you are also welcome to explore the many gardens throughout the ranch. Once the lights turn on at night, it feels so cozy and magical.

^ Olives & Radishes

Along with the breadbasket, they served us a complementary plate of assorted olives. They were dusted with a hint of peppery spice which gave them some heat and were pleasantly seasoned. Radishes grown right at the farm, were served alongside the olives. They were crunchy and sweet.

^ Bread Basket

There was an assortment of amazing bread and crisps that we couldn’t get enough of. The bread was fluffy and came out warm. Little trays of olive oil was served alongside for dipping.

^ Crispy Calamari

WOW ... this calamari was delicious ! The outside was nice and crispy while the inside was tender and warm. This dish came with a side of dipping sauce that was tangy and delicious. This dish is perfect pick to share amongst friends or your family!

^ Japanese Yellowtail Crudo

YUM ! This Yellowtail dish is beyond delectable !! The thinly sliced yellowtail was plated beautifully with fresh ingredients from the chef's garden with a citrus sauce.

^ Hibiscus tropic

This mocktail is certainly a must have when coming to this restaurant. It has a sweet hibiscus taste and a hint of mint. The seltzer adds bubbles which makes it even more refreshing. Not to mention how visually appealing and pretty in pink it is!

^ Maple Glazed King Salmon

The salmon is plated like a work of art. It has a rich nutty flavor from the tasty slivered almonds and wild rice. The salmon was cooked to perfection. We asked it to be cooked to a medium and it was perfectly crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft and moist on the inside. The seasoning was simple, with a bit of salt and pepper. There was a bit of squash puree on the plate which gave it a nice sweet buttery taste, as well as, some small cubes of squash mixed in. It also came with three large sized asparagus stalks which were broiled and tender.

^ Classic Diane Flambeed Tableside

This steak was absolutely scrumptious! The two piece serving size was perfect for one person and the green beans on the side were amazingly delicious. They were tossed in a garlicky oil, and had the slightest bit of crunch when you bit into them. I ordered the steak well done and it was very flavorful and tender.

^ Side of Mashed Potatoes

My oh my! These mashed potatoes are the best I have ever tasted! They are very creamy and smooth. It was perfectly salted and the right size to share. This came as a side dish to the Diane steak.

^ 10 oz. Bone-In Filet Mignon

The meat was cooked medium to perfection and was tender till the very last bite! The creamed spinach was delectable and the sauce was amazing. Between the truffled forest mushrooms, the Bordelaise sauce, and the Meyer Lemon compound butter we were stuffed! The flavors blended perfectly together.

^ Chocolate Souffle

The chocolate souffle is to die for! This was definitely the perfect dish to end the night with. It was very light and airy. We split it between 4 people and it was the perfect amount for each person after being stuffed from eating. When topped off with the melted chocolate sauce that added a rich taste, it was heaven in a bite! :)


Overall we thought this restaurant was perfect !! The food was to die for and the atmosphere was breath taking. The outdoor seating was so charming especially with all the fairy lights hanging in the European looking trees. We would 110% recommend you all to eat at this fabulous establishment, but remember it is most important to call in advance and make a reservation!!!


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