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Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air

701 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077



"Now, this is a story all about how" we ate at the Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air and absolutely loved it!!! The restaurant is located in the gated community of beautiful Bel-Air and is tucked away in a peaceful parklike setting. It's like a secret getaway and the food is absolutely incredible!! "Our lives got flipped-turned upside down" once we tasted the food and realized how amazing this restaurant really is!! Oh and by the way... the prices are a bit higher than some other restaurants, but you're getting what you pay for and so much more

^ Outside/Interior/Exterior

The Exterior of this restaurant was like you were being whisked away through a covered bridge into a beautiful garden oasis. There is a pond with white swans gracefully gliding along the water, which truly reflects the essence of the restaurant. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining sections, but we really recommend the outdoor section because it is so charming and cozy. Remember to bring along a jacket or sweater since it can get chilly once the sun sets.

^ Sonoma Lamb Chops

OH MY GOSHHHH!!! These are by far some of the best Lamb Chops we have ever tasted in our lives! The Lamb was grilled to perfection with a tasty flavor and the sauce drizzled on top added a savory taste to the dish. The chops were served over a bed of creamy beans and the basil added a freshness to every bite. Overall we both loved this dish and we would definitely recommend it!!

^ Maine Lobster Tagliatelle Pasta

If you are looking for good pasta this is the place to go. The pasta was made fresh and it was delicious. There was a generous amount of lobster on top and cut into bite size pieces that we definitely enjoyed. The pasta is a good size for one person, but can be shared! Also, it had a little bit of a kick...a bit unexpected since it didn't say it was a spicy dish on the menu, but delicious nevertheless.

^ Australian Black Truffle Pizza

WOW! This pizza is absolutely astonishing! The crust was the perfect mix of crunchy and soft and it is the perfect size to share with multiple people. This dish included local Creme Fraiche, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Mozzarella. The truffle added a sweet garlicky taste which was delicious. The only downside with this dish is the price tag of $85.00, but otherwise we would definitely recommend it. Those darn truffles are expensive!

^ Big Eye Tuna Tartare

Delectable! Devine! I, Ashley, had this dish and it was by far my favorite. A bite of fresh avocado with a citrusy, crunchy slice of radish, and the tartare tasted heavenly. If you like eating fresh sushi this is the dish for you. I would 100% recommend this plate!


Gianduija Decadence

The combination of chocolate, hazelnuts and gelato is magical! It was pure joy eating it and the only bad part about it is that we had to share it. Definitely go for this delicious treat!

^ Mango Sorbet

Yummy!!! After a night of great appetizers and main courses this Mango Sorbet is a great size dessert to order! There are three small scoops of Mango flavored sorbet and fresh berries mixed with it. A perfect way to end a fabulous meal!


From business meetings, to date nights, for family occasions, or to just splurge a little on your taste buds, Wolf Gang Puck's restaurant at the Bel Air Hotel is the most perfect place to eat at! We would definitely recommend that you guys go check it out!!


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