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Noah's New York Bagels

311 N San Fernando Blvd Burbank, California 91502



Ahh! Where should we begin? Unless you get there super early in the morning you will most likely not get any of the bagels you were looking for. They only make a small batch of each kind of bagel in the morning and once they sell out they are gone. They do not take the time out of their day to bake more bagels like they should which leads us to the next problem. The only bagels available by 9:30 are ones that we are not interested in buying such as jalapeño with cheese or chocolate chip. These, in our opinion are not the tastiest.

^ Outside

The outside of Noah's is super simple with cute red lights which highlight the tiled "New York Bagels" sign. This Noah's restaurant is located in Downtown Burbank on the Main Street! There are currently no outside eating options at this location so you can only pick up your order.

< Inside

The inside of Noah's is super sleek with white countertops and bold blue cabinets. The flooring is a super unique pattern which matches the white subway tiles very well. There are many circular lights which line the counter bar!

Along the opposite wall is a large refrigerator which has a variety of drinks such as water, juices, and teas. You can also order coffee at the counter if you would like!

Due to the Corona Virus everything is spaced out 6 feet apart, as well as, the mobile orders. They took out all tables and chairs so once again there is no indoor or outdoor seating.

As far as concerns go, there was spilled coffee all over the countertops, the service was INCREDIBLY slow, and placing the order took 15 minutes. Once we placed the order we waited approximately 35 minutes just for a dozen bagels. In our opinion this is unacceptable.

^ Bagel Selection

In terms of bagels, they have:

  • Onion

  • Sesame

  • Everything

  • Pumpernickel

  • Honey Whole Wheat

  • Poppy Seed

  • Six-Cheese

  • Spinach and Swiss

  • Blueberry

  • Cinnamon Rasin

  • French Toast

But keep in mind you have to get there very very early in the morning to get the classic bagels. They also have toppings for your bagels such as Butter, Cream Cheese, Lox and so much more.

^ Everything Bagels

The Everything Bagel lives up to its name. I adore this bagel the absolute most because it has sesame, onion, and poppy seeds which adds a crunch and burst of flavor in every bite. There is a perfect amount of salt flakes and when balanced with cream cheese or butter serves as a incredibly delicious bagel!


Overall we feel that Noah's should try a little bit harder. As people who frequent New York, these bagels do not compare. The service was so so and the wait was incredibly long. Each time we have visited Noah's we have been slightly disappointed with what has happened. However when there is a bagel selection very rarely these bagels are pretty good!


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