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The Foodie  Sisters

Ashley Sinovoi
Taylor Sinovoi

Hello:) My name is Taylor and I'm 15 years old! I love trying new foods at different restaurants and taking pictures of them. I really enjoy eating at different restaurants all over the world when I travel with my family. I wanted to start this blog with my sister because I feel that I can help kids read and learn about my experiences:) and encourage them to try new dishes. I also, would love to teach young kids that there are other alternatives to fast food. Instead of eating a burger try eating an apple a day! By eating healthier you will feel better and happier!!! Sometimes tiny changes to your diet very much impact your health!! With this blog I would love to help kids AND adults with food allergies find new meals to eat that they won't have a life threatening reaction to!!

Hi I'm Ashley! I'm 11 years old and enjoy eating and writing about food.  I also love to cook at home with my family and expand my palate to all foods. My sister and I originated Wereviewyouchew by wanting to share our enjoyment of food with everyone!! Now we would love to not only share our experiences with adults, but KIDS too. We want to show that there are healthier and tastier options out in the world of food.


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We were featured in the LA Times!!! Go check it out right now!!!

Click on any of these 3 pictures to be shown this AWESOME ARTICLE !!

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