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BEST Ice Cream in LA !!

Mister Softee

2100 Ventura Blvd. Camarillo, CA 93010



How do we even begin to describe this ice cream? If you are from New York or have ever visited, you understand the hype behind Mr. Softee. The second we found out that they had a storefront in California we got so excited! In our opinion, being the ice cream connoisseurs that we are, we can 1000% say that this is the BEST ice cream in the entire world !!!

^ Exterior

^ Flavors & Sizes

Mr. Softee offers 3 different sizes for cups and cones !

< Chocolate Dipped

When you look up the definition of to-die-for in the dictionary you will see a picture of this ice cream cone !

Words could not begin to describe how amazing this cone truly is. The inside is vanilla ice cream dipped in delicious thick chocolate dip !

The vanilla is creamy and the chocolate is crunchy and sweet.

Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles >

Personally I, Ashley, feel that my favorite is the chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

The ice cream itself is the perfect consistency. It is also perfectly creamy and the sprinkles add a little crunch with a fun pop of color!

< Chocolate Cone

YUMMY!!! This chocolate cone is filled with so much flavor and goodness!! Ashley and I have tried many, MANY ice cream cones in our lives, but we have never found one that can beat Mister Softee!!

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl >

YES YES YES !!!!! This ice cream is simple yet so tasty. The best part about this cone is that you can get two of their tastiest flavors for the price of one !


Overall we think that this ice cream parlor is the best in the whole entire world!! Go get one ... or two for yourself ASAP !!!!


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