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Barton G

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

861 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069



The restaurant is located in a very trendy area of Los Angeles. Celebrities have been known to dine here too. You definitely need reservations for dinner! The outside is simple in design, but when you enter, it feels more like an upscale club. The music is loud and the vibe is fun. Be prepared for something you've never experienced before!

^ Interior and Exterior

The front of the restaurant is very simple. The front door is hidden behind some shrubs. All seems quiet until the big door opens.

^ Mocktails

Don't you worry, these drinks may look boozy, but they contain no alcohol in them...unless you're over 21 and get the real thing! I, Ashley, ordered the "Buddhalicious" mocktail which had an amazing sweet cranberry, tangy taste. It was made with cranberry juice, lemon juice, lychee juice and soda with a nitro lemonade cranberry popsicle. Taylor got the "Diamonds are Forever" mocktail which had a sour kick to it. It was made with fresh mint, cucumber, lemon juice and soda with a nitro popsicle. The presentation was super cool too. There was dry ice on top and a frozen popsicle across the top that created a fun, smokey edge to the drink. We both would definitely recommend these drinks to those who can't quite drink alcoholic beverages yet, but want to get in on the fun!

^ Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp

This was the first dish we ordered and it was absolutely scrumptious. It arrived in a large popcorn machine. What a presentation! The shrimp were deep fried perfectly. The outside is crunchy and the inside was fresh chewy shrimp. A great combination especially with the sweet sesame dipping sauce!!!

^ Black Vito's Caesar Salad

This was served by Caesar himself. He wore a crunchy cheesy head band that tasted like a parmesan encrusted cracker. This salad was very tasty and the dressing is creamy and salty. Just right. It also came with a piece of cheese that you could grate with a miniature cheese grater. Definitely large enough to split into 2 or 3 servings.

^ Lobster Pop Tarts

So the presentation was fun. They were served sticking out of a real yellow toaster. The pies were baked in a flaky dough and the inside was gooey and cheesy. Honestly the dough was tasty, but we thought that the inside ingredients were too cheesy and there wasn't enough lobster inside to get the lobster taste.

^ Truffled Lobster Trap Mac N Cheese

This is a MUST! We don't even eat much Mac and cheese, but this was amazing! The pasta was cooked just right, not too mushy. The cheesy sauce was buttery and there was enough lobster to complement the dish. It also had a yummy taste of truffles, although we're not sure any were in the ingredients.

The presentation was fun too! It was served in a metal dish on a large mousetrap. Any mouse would risk their lives for some!

^ The Great American Steak

The presentation itself was over the top! The waiter could barely hold the large cutting board it was served on with a 3-4 foot fork stuck into it. The steak itself was salted and seasoned well and it was cooked to perfection. It came with a bone cut in half, stuffed with a buttery bone marrow. On the side was a ceramic cow with a sauce for the steak as well. Delicious!

^ Marie Antoinette's Head (Let them eat cake!)

Wow, talk about a display!! This dessert was almost too beautiful to eat! What a showstopper! A mannequin head was presented with pink sunglasses wearing lipstick with a 3 foot head of pink cotton candy. Oh my! On the glowing tray, there were two cupcakes desserts too! What a way to finish the night off with a bang!!!

There is more than enough cotton candy to share with six of your favorite friends!


Overall the food is remarkable and outstanding. From the unique names of the dishes to the breathtaking displays, we would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone that is looking for a night to remember! This restaurant is perfect for any special occasion or even just for dessert!


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