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Hershey Pantry

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

1214, 801 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033



The Hershey Pantry is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania and yes there is a town named Hershey:)) The town was named after Milton Hershey and his chocolate factories in the area. Hershey is one of the cutest towns we have ever been to! Hershey Pantry is probably one of the best breakfast places in Hershey. The restaurant itself is very small and quaint and there is a very lovely covered outdoor patio area in the back as well. That would be our choice to sit if it's available. It feels like you are sitting in a garden oasis surrounded by green plants in comfortable chairs. Please keep in mind if you plan on going that you might want to get there early because it gets pretty crowded! Otherwise it is a great breakfast joint and certainly worth the wait.

^ Front of Restaurant

The front of the restaurant was very quaint and simply adorable to look at!

^ Strawberry Waffle Special

This waffle was truly sensational! The size was a perfect for two to share and the strawberries on top were really fresh and sweet. It was also topped with a scoop of sweetened cream cheese that made it super creamy and delicious! Every bite tasted so soft and fresh!

^ Homemade Cinnamon Roll

Let me start off by saying that the cinnamon roll was absolutely massive! It was the size of a large dinner plate. We all thought that the cinnamon roll would have tasted better if they took off some of the cream cheese frosting. It was a bit of an overload. We just hate wasting food :) Besides that, the roll was soft and chewy and a great yummy treat to share with the whole family:)

^ Sourdough Bread French Toast

Just like the other dishes, the Sourdough Bread was pretty big. The bread wasn't like the usual bread that you would order because it didn't have the crispy crust on the outside. It was more similar to a thick cut loaf of white bread. The maple syrup was very very good and wasn't too sweet! Overall, it was yummy!

^ Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Bacon or Sausage

OMG!! This pancake was massive and if you love chocolate I would definitely recommend this breakfast dish for you. This pancake was a total chocolate overload and every bit we took melted in our mouths! The pancake itself was very soft and the bacon on the side was hot and crispy.

^ Side of Bacon

We love bacon, so we ordered extra of it on the side. It came out hot and crispy. It was baked just enough so that it wasn't too hard to chew. The side comes with about five pieces of bacon and after going to several places that serve bacon, this personally, is one of our favorites!


The Hershey Pantry is definitely a great breakfast spot when visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania. The only thing to keep in mind is that since Hershey is a very small town there will probably be a little wait to get seated. The Hershey Pantry is also located close to the Hershey Amusement Park, so its a great place to stop for breakfast before you start your day!


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