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Lemon Ice King of Corona

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

52-02 108th St, Corona, NY 11368



Let me just start this review by saying that this place has the best ices in the world! Every flavor they have is spectacular and the service is super quick. The small store is actually a walk up with a large open window. There are no indoor seats or tables, just a large printed menu board with the tons of flavors to choose from. This is a place you should definately go when visiting New York:)


This place is very easy to spot when driving by because it is located on a corner. It is also one of the very few ice places in New York and is pretty popular. If you ever go, make sure that you bring lots of napkins:) or eat fast!

All the Flavors^

These are all the flavors that they have and all of them are amazingly delicious! Some of our personal favorites are: Lemon, Rainbow, Cherry, Watermelon, Bubble Gum, and Lemon Lime:)

Lemon Ice^

This is probably the best ice they have and is the one most known for. It is in a medium sized cup, which is the perfect size. It has such an amazing lemony sweet taste and is perfect for a hot sunny day:) Sometimes you'll even find a lemon seed in it since they only use real fruit in their ices.

Cherry Ice^

This ice has a very sweet taste and is beautiful to look at:) You will find pieces of cherries in the ice. This is probably our second favorite:)


Overall this Ice place is the best of the best! You should definitely go when visiting New York. It has quick service and amazing ices:) 10/10


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