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Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

Piazza della Signoria, 10, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy



Gucci Osteria is located in the heart of Florence, Italy! This restaurant is truly one of a kind and unlike any restaurant we have ever eaten at. Upon arrival, we were seated almost immediately. A waiter greeted us and made us feel welcome with a big smile. The menu he handed us was a striking pink color with a cool bold design. Because the restaurant caters to an international clientele, the Italian waiter spoke perfect English and explained everything on the menu. He also gave us great recommendations which were truly Devine! Check out the menu cover design right below!

^ Location!!

This restaurant is in the heart of medieval Florence, Italy and is specifically in Piazza della Signoria. The famous statue of David is located nearby in the Uffizi Gallery across the Piazza. This restaurant is also 3 minutes walking distance from the Galileo Museum, 5 minutes from Brunelleschi's Dome, and a five minute walk to the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. The streets near the restaurant are filled with different kinds of shops and as you get closer to the Ponte Vecchio Bridge you will see many jewelry shops. If you are traveling to Florence during the summer months don't worry! There are tons of unique gelato places all around and many of the outdoor restaurants/cafes have a misting system so you won't overheat! This Gucci restaurant is the best place to eat at since you get great food and a great shopping experience all in one day!!

^ Interior

The restaurant's interior was as sophisticated and gorgeous as something you’d see in a movie about the marvelous renaissance period! The colors were so striking and bold! The seats were covered in a plush blue-green velvet fabric that made you feel like you were sitting in a throne. The walls were painted vibrant green and mirrors lined the top halves of the walls which made the room feel a whole lot larger. And to add, right next door to the restaurant is a museum all about Gucci!! Inside, they have various unique clothing items on display and many other items like shoes, bags, and accessories.

^ Franco's Salad

WOW!! Let me just say that this is a true work of art! Believe it or not this salad tasted even better than it looked which sounds impossible, but isn't. Typically Taylor and I eat salads with a creamy caesar dressing, so eating a salad that was light and colorful was something new!! The salad wasn't tossed with any dressing and came with a fancy half cut lemon, which honestly was all it really needed. We weren't used to that, but my oh my, it was so crispy and fresh that you could taste each of the ingredients and how delicious it really was. There were so many different flavors between the radishes and the carrots! The best part by far was the presentation of the radishes, carrots and beets which were all cut into beautiful floral shapes!! We would definitely recommend it!!

^ Emilia Burger

We have eaten MANY burgers in our lives and this burger is by far one of the best that we have ever had!! This burger meat did not taste like the normal processed burgers that we have had in the USA which made it stand out even more. This burger was made with Cotechino which is a fresh pork sausage, Parmigiano Reggiano, Salsa Verde, and Balsamic Mayonnaise. The mix of sauces combined together created a flavorful, well crafted burger. It was like tasting a bit of heaven and we never wanted to stop eating!! The burger was served in a little pink box which had the Gucci logo on it! This burger really was a mouthful of heaven:)

^ Lobster Roll

This lobster roll was so divine! The lobster meat tasted fresh like it was just caught in the morning and was cut into bite sized pieces! This roll also had a good amount of lettuce greens which gave each bite a bit of a crunch. The sauce was by far the best part of the dish! It was creamy and tangy which made the Lobster roll taste even better. The bun was sweet and felt as soft as a cozy blanket. This dish was the perfect size for one or two share as an appetizer!

^ Multi grain roll & a complimentary fruity Chef's drink of the day

The rolls were freshly baked and amazing. We were also offered a complimentary fruity drink from the Chef. Delicious!

^ Lemons!!

Even the tiniest things catch our eyes! The restaurant gave us lemons for the salad wrapped up and tied with a cute white string. The mesh fabric keeps the seeds from falling into your food. This is something that we have never seen before in any restaurant we have been to!


From the presentation of the food, to the extravagant flavors, this restaurant has proved that it is worth each and every star we are giving it. The service was impecable and the atmosphere was so charming! We would 110% recommend this restaurant if you're ever in Florence seeking a scrumptious meal!!


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