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The Highlight Room

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

6417 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028



The Highlight Room is located on the rooftop of the DREAM hotel in the trendy Hollywood area. Upon exiting the elevator we were blown away by the 360 views of Hollywood and the LA area. On the rooftop there is also a very large pool with pretty cabanas around it. Once you walk past the pool you come to the back restaurant that feels like a garden oasis. There is a pretty retractable roof cover with fans and twinkly lights. The music was just the right volume to be able to have a conversation and still enjoy the songs. The service by far was exceptional! The waitress was very friendly and really helped us pick the best menu choices to eat:)

***Just a note that this restaurant will not allow kids inside after 8pm since it also becomes a bar/night club. Make sure if bringing kids along that you make an earlier reservation so there's no issues. As long as you are already dining before 8pm it should be okay.

View from Rooftop Restaurant^

View from Rooftop Restaurant at sunset^

View of DREAM Hotel with Rooftop Restaurant^

House Salt 'N Vinegar Chips^

These chips are sooo tempting to keep eating. The chips were thick and crunchy, lightly salted and had just the right amount of vinegar tang. It is served with onion dip that made these taste similar to sour cream and onion chips (which are personally my favorite flavor chip there is). The dip in my opinion is so far the best onion dip I have ever tasted! It is a caramelized onion dip. The best part was that there were free refills which we definitely took them up on :)

Lobster Risotto^

This risotto has a nice amount of chunky lobster meat in it. It is very creamy, has large green English peas, and a big piece of poached Maine lobster in the center of this dish. To me this dish tasted as if I was eating a very good bowl of clam chowder. The portion size was just right, but the only thing I would change is to put a bit less salt in it.

Grilled Salmon^

Wow this presentation was beautiful! After I ate this I was trying to bribe my mom into making salmon this way at home;) The grilled salmon had a smoky taste that I personally love. The fish was plated on top of a chopped mixed salad and a sprinkling of grapes and pomegranate seeds. Let me just say that the two grilled lemon slices on top of the salmon tasted amazing!

Avocado Toast^

This avocado toast is very flavorful. The poached egg, avocado, and hint of lemon gives it a tangy lemony taste. On top of the egg there is a sprinkling of small chili flakes that add some heat/spice, but if you don't like spice let them know when you order it. The radish slices add a fresh crunch to this tapas. Once you put your knife and fork into the egg, the yolk leaks out over the avocado and fills your mouth with flavor. I enjoyed this dish very much.

Sweet Potato Fries^

These fries come out in a waffle shape and have two side dips that come along with it. They are cooked perfectly crispy yet soft on the inside and are very appetizing. They are salted just right so you get a salty sweetness in your mouth. The red dip is a chili mango ketchup and the yellow dip is curry spice flavored. The chili mango ketchup had a good unique flavor and did have a little kick to it and the curry spice dip was super delicious. This dish is a great size to split among several people.

The Burger^

The burger was very tasty and was served on a toasted yummy bun. The shoestring potato fries were delicious, perfectly crunchy, and were salted just right. The fries by far were the best part of the dish.


Overall this restaurant deserves five stars! This was the perfect combination of great food, amazing atmosphere and service! We would both definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone:)


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