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The Bazaar by Jose Andres

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

465 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles California


"The Bazaar" is a Spanish tapas restaurant located inside a hip LA hotel, the "SLS". When you walk inside there is so much to look at......the restaurant has so many eclectic pieces of furniture put together. Upon entering you see a very cool dessert bar to the right. The music was hip and trendy. We were seated right away. The menu of this restaurant was divided into two parts....half traditional and half modern. We ordered items from both to try!

Below are some of the dishes we ate:)

^Stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Goat Cheese

These are amazing! Sweet red peppers are stuffed with goat cheese and are warm and gooey. They are smooth, silky and melt in your mouth. You can taste a bit of smokiness from the peppers which only adds to the layered flavor. The melted cheese that laces the top adds to the crunchy experience. My sister and I devoured it!

^Sweet Chips with airy whipped Goat Cheese

This was sooooo yummy! You get a bag of vegetable chips which are like none you've ever tasted. Not greasy at all. You dip it into a small bowl of whipped airy goat cheese that is drizzled with a tangy topping. Not too salty, not too sweet. Just the right amount of awesomeness! A great combination!

^Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari are layed out with a garlicky pesto sauce for each individual piece to be dipped. Just the right amount of sauce for each piece. It's fried just the right amount of time so it's not rubbery, but a soft chewy consistency. Love it!

^ Croquetas de Pollo

This amazing chicken croquet is lightly breaded and fried to perfection. Like little fingers of warm creamy filling yumminess. What's even better is how it is a clear plastic sneaker! Presentation is everything and once you eat them, you'll want to order seconds!

^Croquetas de Pollo

A close up of the scrumptious chicken they provided from the traditional side of the menu. This dish came out in a plastic shoe as its presentation which was shocking, and definitely showed me that this is like no other. The taste was magnificent because of the sprinkled salt. The perfect amount was served!

^Grilled Spanish Octopus

This is a work of art! The bottom layer is a gelatin that looks like an Octopus reaching out. The texture was perfect and the sauce and green herbs made it taste delicious.

^Oysters and Hibiscus

Another well presented food choice that was served in a glass dome unlike any other. On top of the oysters is a topping of sweet hibiscus which adds to the flavor and creates a unique texture. I liked it, but Taylor wasn't a fan:(

^Cotton Candy Foie Gras

Honestly, the presentation looked pretty cool and the cotton candy part was good, but the duck liver on the inside was not quite what we expected. It didn't taste like chicken:)

^Octopus Toast

This dish.... We were eager to try this just by the looks of it. The combination of the grilled octopus and bread with the sauce was dazzling, but had a strong spicy kick to it from the jalapeño sliced peppers. We just removed the peppers and ate it up!

^ Pa'amb Tomaquel

OMG! The thin crispy crust was not burnt, but fully cooked with the right amount of crunch. The tomato spread had just enough salt and pepper. This tapas on the traditional menu side is not to be missed and was the real deal. The Tomato bread tasted just like the one in Spain, which was phenomenal!

^King Crab

This tapas came out in a colorful display that looks just as incredible as it tastes. Inside of this dish it included a portion of crab meat and raspberries. When they are combined the two are even better together!


Overall this restaurant deserves five stars:)


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Apr 01, 2018

You girls are amazing...and certainly are adventurous foodies!!! Will be telling others about your blog!!! Look forward to your reviews of some of our new Toluca Lake restaurants!!!


Apr 01, 2018

Awesome review! Going to go try it out. Good job!

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