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Tam O'Shanter

2980 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039



Tam O'Shanter is the oldest restaurant in Los Angeles. When you walk inside, you are transported into an old English pub style restaurant. It is as if you were eating in a restaurant during the Medieval times. You definitely don't feel like you're in Los Angeles. We ate there in December, during the holidays, so there were extra light decorations and singing Carolers dressed in period clothing walking from table to table singing Christmas carols. It was really a cool experience. It was almost like a mini vacation away from the hip LA scene. We had reservations, which are a must and were seated at our table fairly quickly. The waitress came over quickly and took our orders. The food and drinks came out in a timely manner as well.

^ Outside/Exterior

^ Interior

As soon as you walk into this restaurant you totally forget you're in Los Angeles. There are stained glass windows to hide everything out on the street outside. You get a welcoming warm feeling around you. Besides the Christmas decorations, there are colorful medieval looking flags hanging from the ceiling in one dining hall.

^ Prime Rib

Everybody in our family ordered the prime rib, but you could exchange the sides for either creamed corn, or creamed spinach. The prime rib was cooked upon request, salted and perfectly seasoned. It was tender and juicy and easy to chew. The mashed potatoes and gravy were delectable. The gravy was tasty and a perfect consistency. The creamed spinach was delicious too. A perfect combination! We definitely recommend it.


This bread was amazing. It was served warm like right out of an oven. Half the bread was a delicious sourdough and the other half was a very unique tasting and fragrant pumpernickel.


Overall we would rate this restaurant a four out of five stars. We would have given it five stars had they not run out of the chocolate soufflé dessert that night :) It is a great place to come during the holiday season or anytime really. It is super family friendly and they have tables of various sizes to accommodate larger groups. The prices of their dishes are very reasonable too. There is also a table in the back where Walt Disney himself sat and ate many times while he sketched some of his great ideas. We definitely recommend this super cozy place!


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