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Surfside Seafood

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Port Hueneme, CA 93041



Surfside Seafood is located in Port Hueneme in Southern California. Please keep in mind that this is the only restaurant in Port Hueneme that is anywhere even close to the beach. Even though it is located on the beach, it doesn't have a view of the water. This restaurant isn't a sit down restaurant with waiters, but it does have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. To order food, you have to place your order at the counter, then you get a number and find a table to sit at. For me, (Taylor), I thought that the service was just okay and could've been a lot better. When we first walked in we had to wait several minutes just for the lady to come to the counter to order our food. She also had no recommendations for us since it was our first time at the restaurant. She was just asking us what we wanted to eat. The menu was quite extensive and we were a bit overwhelmed. The orders themselves were large in size so come hungry. I also feel that the restaurant should hire more people to work at the counter. On the other hand, Ashley thought that the service was pretty quick.

^ Exterior

This restaurant defineately had a beach side vibe! Very laid back and casual. The view from the seating was just okay because you could see mostly sand. The restaurant and the beach sand hill were on the same level so you couldn't really see the ocean from where you would be sitting.

^ Shrimp tacos

I ordered the shrimp tacos that came with a side of chips and salsa. The plate had three big stuffed tacos, which were a little too much for me. They tasted fresh and delicious. Not overcooked. There were several sauces to choose from too. Very satisfying!

^ Fish and Chips

The fried fish was super fresh and almost melted in your mouth. It was a thinner piece of fish than I normally see, but it was super crispy and had a delicious buttery fried taste to it. It was served with French fries and Cole slaw...I do think that the Cole slaw could have been seasoned a bit for more tang since it tasted fresh, but needed a bit more acidity to balance the fried fish and fries.

^ Chicken Tenders (Kids Menu)

As for the chicken tenders...I would probably skip on those next time. They were just okay.

^ Clam Chowder (12oz)

I thought this clam chowder was pretty tasty! In my opinion, I think it was just like any other clam chowder, but was just a little more creamier than some others. The chowder was served in a styrofoam cup and sprinkled with tons of parsley. A small size cup serving would be great for two kids to split or one adult. On the other hand, I (Taylor), thought that this clam chowder was really overall basic. There was little taste and not enough seasoning other than the parsley. Also the crackers that we were given with the soup tasted stale. Overall it just tasted bland!

^ Outdoor Patio

The exterior had a really cool mural of a few surfers riding a sick wave.



By the way there were no bathrooms provided in this restaurant. The bathrooms were located outside of the restaurant. They were your standard beach restroom, but they didn't have doors in the stalls which felt very unsettling.


**Weekend Entertainment**

On the weekends, there is a gentleman that sets up his music keyboard in the restaurant patio area and sings live music. Not sure he performs year round, but he was there on the Saturday we were there.




Our thought is that if you're visiting Port Hueneme beach then this is the go to spot. You get a good meal and some entertainment, but I wouldn't drive out of my way to come here.

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