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Kabuki, LA

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

201 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502



The Kabuki Restaurant we ate at is located in downtown Burbank. This Restaurant is pretty good! We were seated fairly quickly at a table. Our waitress came over and took our beverage order right away. The staff was friendly and quick in their service. The interterior design was an ordinary americanized decor for a sushi restaurant. There was some Asian inspired artwork on the walls, but the music, today's modern pop, did not fit into the Asian theme at all. It would be a lot better if the music was Japanese or another Asian inspired sound to compliment the food experience. In our opinion, the inside could be decorated more authentic to Japanese culture to give customers a better overall experience. The food was good for an every-day type restaurant and all the dishes were beautifully presented!

^ Exterior of the restaurant

The exterior of the restaurant is just average. Needs some bamboo or Japanese style decor to spruce it up.

^ Sunkissed Roll

This roll was scrumptious. The sauce drizzled on the bottom was creamy, which was perfectly combined with the fresh salmon and avocado. The Spicy tuna inside the roll had quite a kick to it. I would definitely recommend this dish to others, especially if you like a little bit of heat.

^ Edamame with Garlic

OMG!!!! The rich taste of the garlic was extravagant! It had a smokey, buttery, almost truffle-like taste to it. I (Ashley) could have eaten the whole bowl myself.

^ Salmon Sashimi

In my opinion, (Taylor), I thought that this dish of Sashimi was just okay. The Sashimi was presented very beautifully, but I honestly felt that it was bland. And although the slices were REALLY thick I personally would prefer having more thinner slices of the salmon instead of fewer pieces on the plate. There was no special sauce on it or even on the side, just soy sauce so it was really bland. Overall it was just an ok dish.

^ Fried Gyoza Dumplings

These dumplings are so tasty! The shells are nice and crispy and the meat inside was delicious. The portion can be enough for two people to split! The only problem with this dish is that they did not care to mention that the side sauce is extremely spicy!!! Otherwise this plate was pretty good.

^ Kabuki Roll

Let me just start by saying that if you are unsure of what roll to order I would definitely get this one. With a combination of many types of rolls put into one you get a little bit of everything. The beautiful hibiscus flower in the center and multi-colored rolls make the presentation stunning. Another suggestion, the chopped creamy fish topping on one of the rolls was SUPER spicy. I wasn't prepared and felt they should have written that on the menu, especially since I had them omit the spicy tuna and replace with non-spicy tuna. They need to pay attention to customers that don't like or can't eat spicy foods if that's what they request and not forget the little details of the order.

^ Asparagus & Salmon Garlic Crunch

This by far was the tastiest roll. The asparagus inside was tender crispy and the salmon was buttery soft. It was topped with a yummy chopped fried garlic topping which gave it just the right texture and salty taste. The sauce was delicious, sweet and sour and perfect for dipping.


Overall, we think that Kabuki is good for a chain restaurant. We believe that they should liven up the restaurants by putting more Japanese themed decorations around and adding Japanese music in the background instead of American! The food was good and the service was speedy! We would definitely recommend Kabuki for a day out in the town!!


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