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Fig & Olive West Hollywood

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

8490 Melrose Pl, West Hollywood, CA 90069



This corner restaurant had a very pleasing exterior. The signage was clean and modern and the trees in the front had pretty twinkling lights wrapped around them. It was very classy and upscale.

^ Exterior Sign

Simple and elegant design.

^ Interior of Fig & Olive

When you first walk inside you see a wall of roses to your right for selfie photo ops. How cool is that? The interior was very charming and peaceful. There is a larger dining room with high ceiling and a tree in the middle with lights in it and also a smaller, more private dining section as well. The smaller dining area is more intimate, but we liked the openness of the main dining area much better. It felt like you were sitting outdoors.

^ Lobster Primavera Ravioli

This ravioli is amazing! The creaminess of the lobster and cheese filling makes your face light up whenever you take a bite. :)

^ Shrimp Cocktail

This shrimp cocktail was very simple, yet had such flavor. The shrimp was fresh and tasted extravagant when you drizzled lemon over top and dipped in the sauce.

^ Quinoa Tabbouleh

So it was a pretty presentation, yet we were expecting the dish to be somewhat different. Usually the veggies in tabbouleh are chopped small, but this one had the quinoa on the bottom and was topped with greens, pickled onions, candied orange peel and was dressed in a tangy citrus dressing. After mixing it all together, it was pretty tasty and flavorful. It's large enough to have as a meal in itself.

^ Paella

Having tried Paella many times before, we have to say that it was just OK. The presentation was pretty to look at, but overall not something we would probably order again.

^ Marinated Lamb Chops

OMG!!! These Lamb Chops were divine. The aroma filled the entire room as they were presented. The waiter came out with a glass dome covering the plate which was filled with smoke. Once he lifted the dome off the plate, you felt like you were seated near a wood burning fireplace. Lining the bottom of the plate was a smearing of eggplant licorice puree and cubed eggplant caponata that had a marinated tang to them and of course the lovely smell of rosemary was heaven on a plate! They were perfectly cooked and if we weren't already full, we would order another round!

Definitely order this dish!!!!!!

^ Cheese and Charcuterie Board

This appetizer was amazing! Eating the cheeses and meats with the olives make you feel like you were transported Italy. The cheese was creamy deliciousness and the olives were perfectly seasoned.

^ Roasted Cauliflower

Where do we begin...we were expecting either a half a head of roasted cauliflower drizzled in a yummy sauce and topped with pine nuts, but what we got was this. The taste was just ok because it was a bunch of florets that were poorly baked/roasted and tossed in a sauce and served lukewarm. The presentation kind of indicates what the taste will be. Wouldn't order it again.

^ Moscow Mule

This was of course for the parents, but they said it was amazing. Also they really liked the paper straws that came with the drinks.

^ Chocolate Obsession

The dessert was scrumptious! It was our mom's birthday so they added the happy birthday sign. Chocolate ganache and raspberry sauce...need we say more? If you want a chocolate fix, get this dessert for sure!

^ Olive Oil & Vinegar

These olive oils each had a unique flavor. Since the restaurant makes their own, each flavor taste so fresh and flavorful. One oil had a citrus taste and the other tasted super fresh and light. The balsamic vinegar was amazing too. Great for dipping bread.


Overall we would definitely go back again for dinner. Most of the dishes we ordered were delicious, the service was timed well and the atmosphere was beautiful.


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