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Beauty and Essex

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

1615 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028




The exterior of this restaurant is not like any other. When you walk down this alley way (the most beautiful alley there is) you approach a pawn shop store front. You enter the store where there's lots of stuff to buy and vintage items. To the left you might notice an almost secret door that will lead you into the restaurant. The inside is super elegant with various rooms and sitting areas. There is an outdoor space and multi levels to dine in. There is also an amazing DJ that plays great music mixes. The menu was amazing with lots to choose from so here's what we ordered:

Applewood Smoked Bacon Mac and Cheese^

OMG! This Mac and cheese is the bestest of the bestest. I don't know what kind of cheese they use but it was LEGENDARY!! I am usually not one to order Mac and cheese and I'm not the biggest fan of Mac and cheese, but this was out of this world. Not to mention the applewood bacon they use in this is the best bacon there is. The bacon must have been finely minced into this dish and gave it a smokey taste to it. The worst part about this dish was the fact that I had to share it with my family:)

Avocado Toast^

This avocado toast was scrumptious! The avocado on the toast was creamy and mashed yet was a bit chunky. There was a perfect amount of salt and pepper to make the avocado have that extra bit of flavor. The bread was toasted just enough to be crispy and a little crunchy which I personally love about it and adds to the texture. If you're a fan of avocado, then definitely get this!


The spaghetti was tossed in a fresh lemony parsley pesto sauce that was very tasty, but there was an unexpected spice kick that wasn't listed in the menu description of the dish. I personally don't mind the heat so much, but would have liked to know it's spicy going in. The only thing I think could be better is if they didn't overcook the sunny side up egg too much. It would taste a bit better with the egg yolk that is more runny and can be mixed into the spaghetti to give it a more creamy taste.

Tuna Poke Wonton Tacos^

Wow! These are outstanding. They are a must try and are probably one of my top favorite foods that we ordered. The taco has a hard shell with a filling of poke which I love. On the top there is also a little drizzle of wasabi mayonnaise to give this tapas a little more flavor.

Lobster BLT Slider^

This lobster BLT slider was personally not my (Ashley's)favorite, but on the other hand my sister (Taylor) seemed to love this combination. I thought that the combination of bacon and cold lobster salad and tomatoes was just ok. Taylor really loves bacon and lobster, so it was like the perfect combination for her. I have to say that the tomato added a more fresh taste to the slider and that when you added in the bacon to it in my opinion it gave it a weird taste. We both felt that if the lobster salad was served in a warm style, maybe without mayo, but with a buttery taste that it would be even more amazing! The portion size of each slider is enough to satisfy.

Oven Braised Chicken Meatballs^

These meatballs are seasoned nicely and it tasted very moist. They are served in a tangy tomato sauce and on the side there are grilled slices of bread for dipping. We both loved the sauce so much that we wished it came with more bread to soak up the sauce.

BBQ Fries^

In my opinion these fries are very flavorful. If you like bbq chips then you will love these because they taste almost identical. The only difference is that one of them are fries and the other is a chip! The dipping sauces on the side are also very good with the BBQ taste. The dip to the left is ketchup and the one to the right is mayonnaise. The serving size is enough to share.

Yellowtail Sashimi^

This sashimi is very appetizing (I mean isn't every food we ordered though)! The sauce that they used was a very fresh citrus sauce that tasted great with the sashimi. For a restaurant not being a sushi restaurant, this was surely amazing!!!

Devil's Food Layer Cake^

Close up of the cake:)

Devil's Food Layer Cake^

This cake was very tasty. The chocolate inside was very moist and the outer layer was a thin layer of fudge with the most delicious cream on the inside. It also comes with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cake was really good and tasted like it was made by a very talented pastry chef :)

Ladies Bathroom^

This bathroom is probably the most beautiful ladies bathroom we have ever seen. (It almost looks like it was inspired by Barbie) There is a couch and chair for resting while waiting to use the restroom. There is even a person to pump soap on your hands and hand you a towel to dry your hands off. 10/10 for sure ;)


Overall this restaurant deserves five stars. All of the food that we tried was delicious and mouthwatering. We hope to come here again and if you haven't already, make sure to go for dinner sometime soon.


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